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I agree, but:

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inaworldofhappy said: Awyis you posted a thing with a Cecil Palmer thing AND a viclock thing I love you! Yissssss! (Trying to climb out of the wtnv fandom obsession only to be greeted by viclock, not complaining)

I know! Aaah. Viclock is life, and Night Vale is dreams.


Scooby Doo is the most useless member of the scooby doo team why is the show named after him, the show should be called Velma

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How many people have broken into a store late at night to steal a cook book because they were hungry and wanted to know how to cook the perfect bean casserole? I’ll give you a hint: please bail me out of jail

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-“Get up, Sherlock. You’re missing this beautiful morning.”
-“Close the bloody curtains!”

-“No! I made breakfast, and you’re going to eat.”

-“I hate it when you care.”

-“I hate it when you try to lie.”


victor probably forced sherlock to download snapchat so he could send him ridiculous snapchats with bad puns


" ‘You never heard me talk of Victor Trevor?’ he asked. ‘He was the only friend I made during the two years I was at college’ "


I just want viclock to happen in the show so people can stop telling me it’s not canon

Anonymous said: victor coming back to sherlock and sherlock trying to be strong but after five minutes he bursts into tears and victor holds him and tells him how they will make up for lost time and how he loves sherlock and sherlock feels loved


I’ll Take Up Pirating


Victorlock kidlock for your soul…..Sherlock wants to run away to become a pirate.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like victorlock, and viclock.

You: I’m running away, you’re coming with me. SH (8)

Stranger: I can’t. -VT [9]

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here you go buddy


i really just dont like the fact that johnlock has to be in every fic like??? i just want my viclock fic without johnlock used for plot i dont want future johnlock i dont want johnlock in my fics i mean when i blacklisted johnlock out of thousand fics 200 were left in ao3 this is so ridiculous


What if MI6!Victor has met ‘Mary’ before, when she was still an assassin?
Imagine Sherlock reading the memory stick and finding out that A.G.R.A had tried to kill (or was the one who killed) his boyfriend.
Imagine Sherlock having to explain it to John.


Victor Trevor in The Adventure of the “Gloria Scott”

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